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I want to keep the forum as friendly as I can! Here are my general forum rules...

  1. Don't use heavy profanity or any profanity towards another person/entity on the forum or off the forum.
  2. Respect the privacy of others including yourself.
  3. Illegal activities are not allowed here.
  4. Debate is fine until it becomes a problem - trolling is NOT fine.
  5. Never infringe on anyone or anything.
  6. Stalking, harassment, abuse, racism, constant negativity, etc. = permanent ban!
  7. Impersonation = permanent ban!
  8. Stay on topic and search before posting a new topic. But post as much as you want!
  9. No spam.
  10. Commercial activities are unwanted here.
  11. Don't be afraid to suggest new features, sections, etc.
  12. Have fun! I made this forum so we can have fun!
Not open for further replies.